The battle between Magic and Science becomes a board game. The pawns are constantly changing and every move can be the decisive one, adapt your strategy during the game and defeat the opponent!

Complete information

In a world split between Magic and Science, two representatives of the respective factions find themselves in a neutral inn halfway between the two empires … For a board game?

Choose the faction you prefer and play against a friend at Inn The Middle. Destroy the opposing tiles and conquer the elements, but be careful, each pawn changes when it is hit, you will have to adjust your strategy as the game progresses. What’s more, you can activate the trap tiles to make the terrain even more dangerous; but as soon as you have enough elements you can unleash the special attack and destroy the enemy pawns!
With golems, robots and enchanted cauldrons, will you be able to bring your faction to victory?

Key features:
Play against a friend thanks to the shared screen.

You can use only one gamepad.

Two factions to choose from: Science and Magic.

Four different types of pawns, each with a unique attack pattern.

The type of pawn changes when hit, you will never have two of the same pawns!

Hit your opponents to get elements to use in a devastating special attack!

Activate the trap tiles to close every escape route to the enemy.

Destroy all the opposing pieces and get an overwhelming victory!


Promo Art Simone Di Criscito


Game Designers

Nicolò Girotti

Andrea Ancona
Tommaso Chiaravalli
Gabriele Marzagalli
Francesco Rigghi
Lorenzo Scillone



Davide Tamagna


Concept & 2D artists

Stefano Budai

Elisa Bacchin
Jacopo Castiglioni
Simone Di Criscito
Julian Kvalvaag
Matteo Parati
Eleonora Surini
Federico Tagliavia

3D Artists

Alessandra Astrino

Vittorio Quartini
Aleksandr Troianovskyi


GLOBAL GAME JAM 2018 (Milan)


Astra – “Logbook No. 46, Spacecowgirl Astra. Solar system B-97, uninhabitated zone of the universe. No presence of possible habitable planets. Our dear Earth-3 doesn’t want to be found….”.

Luna – “You mean Earth-4.”.

Astra – “Uh”?

Luna – “It is the fourth Earth that we destroy not the third one… otherwise why would we be here?

Astra – “People don’t care about these subtleties. Rather you check if there are asteroids in this area.

Luna – “Well, what I am doing in this mome…. – SBAM –





Nicolò Girotti

Francesco Riggi

Tommaso Chiaravalli



Nikolas Lacquaniti

Gabriele Dolcemascolo

Fabrizio Durante

Ran Haba



Marta Ząbkowska

Aleksandra Nowacka


SOUND DESIGN: Audiodesk of Milan Game Jam 2k18


MUSIC BY:  Alfredo Dante Vallesi



Thanks to the whole staff of the milan Game Jam 2018 for the space and materials allowed us.

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Gay Black Mario under HASCII

Gay Black Mario is an exploring game, where Mario is in a world made of ASCII and has the always-on swimming power:

<< Mario is smoking his HASCII hidden in the bath, ‘cause his new boyfriend, Justin Bieber, is against his addiction.

Mario started with HASCII during Vietnam after the dead, by a bomb, of his beloved Abe and his Bro Luigi.

Suddenly Vietnam nightmare and the mission in wich he saved the princess  ( sta zoccola! ), became reality again….but with suppapowa!!! But HASCII, you know, is a drug.
And drug is not reality. And Vietnam is different i suppose. >>

Free Download
Thanks to TETTSUI and @plaguelabs

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METAL SLUG _ The Board Game

Super Vehicle-001: Metal Slug (メタルスラッグ Metaru Suraggu), more commonly known as simply Metal Slug, is a run and gun video game developed and originally released by Nazca Corporation and later published by SNK. It was originally released in 1996 for the Neo Geo MVS arcade platform. The game is widely known for its sense of humor, fluid hand-drawn animation, and fast-paced two-player action.

This is my idea of a METAL SLUG board game.

METAL SLUG _ The Board Game



Is, of course, for a non-commercial purpose, so i will put it in FREE DOWNLOAD, in a while… . Free Stuff – Free Time.

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